Reimagining Business during the COVID-19 Crisis | Keshav R Murugesh in Conversation with Shai Weiss

Introduction I Keshav R. Murugesh in Conversation with Shai Weiss

Speaker : Keshav Murugesh, Shai Weiss

Watch Keshav R. Murugesh, Group CEO, WNS, reveal the very first guest of ‘The Turning Point’ series – a visionary leader who is responsible for putting ‘love’ in the air.’

Shai Weiss, CEO, Virgin Atlantic has established ‘Love-o-meter’ as a key performance index at the airline to provide the human touch to the business. Watch on as he fields interesting questions from Keshav, on navigating turning points, priming Virgin Atlantic to thrive in the new normal and much more.

Keshav R. Murugesh – Group CEO, WNS

Hello, and welcome to this edition of "The Turning Point."

I am Keshav Murugesh, Group CEO of WNS and excited to be the one who gets to ask the questions today!

'Stories with a difference that made a difference' – is what 'The Turning Point' is all about. The best part is that these stories will be narrated by the very leaders who made them happen! Turning points are many, be it in our personal or professional life. How we dealt with them, the lessons we learned, and the changes they brought about in us become the differentiator in the long-term. The essence of this conversation series called the ‘Turning Point’ is all about discovering such stories and the individuals who made them happen or were in them when they happened.

Switching gears… Romantics say, "Love is in the air!" My guest today has literally made that happen as the CEO of Virgin Atlantic. Love is a key performance index at Virgin Atlantic to provide the human touch to the business. Surprising for all of us who run businesses isn’t it? How can something so intangible become a key measure for performance! But someone actually thought about it and made it happen, and I have the honor of having him in conversation.

I would like to welcome Shai Weiss, the Chief Executive Officer of Virgin Atlantic and an Executive Director on the Virgin Atlantic board to this edition of Turning Point. Joining Virgin Atlantic as Executive Vice President and CFO, Shai later assumed the role of Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer before taking over the reins as CEO.

Shai is the man behind the turnaround of NTL:Telewest – now Virgin Media—one of the largest fixed home phone providers in the UK and Ireland. Shai also serves as a non-executive director of Checkpoint Software Technologies, a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions to governments and corporate enterprises globally.

Thank you, Shai, for taking the time to discuss the 'The Turning Point' in Virgin Atlantic and the airline industry.

We hope to make the next 25 minutes packed with interesting perspectives from Shai, so I will shoot right ahead.

Keshav : 2020 has been an extremely tough year for the airline industry. Your recent 'private-only solvent re-capitalization' of Virgin Atlantic is a bold move to secure Virgin Atlantic's present and future. As someone who has consistently taken bold and decisive actions at turning points, how do you think this will enable Virgin Atlantic to survive and thrive in the new normal?

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